Top 10 Tips for Spring Landscaping Prep

Spring LandscapeWhether you’re an amateur landscaper or serious gardener, spring is an exciting time full of life and potential. Flower pots and beds are surely calling your name, while weekends and evenings become irresistible get-your-hands-dirty invitations. As you prepare your outdoor space for color and growth, a good seasonal cleanup is in order. Take a look at our top ten tips for spring landscaping preparation.

Prune. While most of your perennials can be cut down to the base, you’ll need to leave a little growth leftover on some of them. If you’re not sure, do some online research to find out what’s best, or give us a call for help. Don’t forget to lightly prune your shrubs and trees, too.

Weed. Pull or destroy any remaining weeds out of beds and around plants or trees. Also, remove any damaged, diseased or dead branches.

Rake. Once your beds are cleared of weeds and dead branches, rake thoroughly to further remove all that leftover winter debris. You can save this material for your compost pile if you have one. Otherwise, to help prevent the spread of any potential diseases, dispose of it properly.

Edge. Edging will create a clearly defined definition to your beds and landscaping. This will not only help give your lawn a well-maintained look, it will also help prevent your turf from creeping into mulched areas.

Fertilize.  Your plants need nutrients! Consider applying fresh compost or fertilizer around all your plants to support health and vibrant growth before you layer on fresh mulch.

Weed control. While treating weeds won’t eliminate all your weed problems, it will make a huge difference by acting as a barrier (germination prevention) to any weed seeds existing in your beds. Apply weed control before you mulch in the spring, and continue throughout the summer as directed.

Mulch. A healthy layer of mulch helps your landscape look clean and tidy, and reduces surface evaporation from the soil. It will also help moderate soil temperatures, and improve water penetration and air movement. Just be careful not to exceed a 3” maximum layer. If you have existing mulch from the previous season, remove as needed.

Plant. With the spring temperatures still at a comfortable level, it’s the perfect time to add new plants, as it allows them time to adjust to their new environment with minimal stress from heat and drought.

Transplant. This is the perfect time to take care of those existing perennials that have become unruly or overgrown. Divide, move and transplant them to another area of your garden, or give them away to friends as special appreciation gifts.

Enjoy. Preparing your outdoor space is hard (and dirty) work! Take the time to sit back, relax and enjoy your efforts. Have friends over, throw parties and revel in your handy work.

While these top tips should be on your spring landscaping prep list, we know that not everyone has the time or energy to garden or properly maintain beds and other outdoor elements. Give us a call – we can help find solutions for your spring cleanup needs.