One Year Warranty:

All Seasons uses the highest quality material and expert installation.  Beyond that All Seasons provides a one year warranty on most material including trees, shrubs and plants. Client must provide proper care for material since installation.  All Seasons will provide replacement of material on a one-time basis at the clients request.  Client must notify All Seasons Landscape before 20% of material is deemed dead at which time All Seasons will be given time to revive plant.  If after that time 50% of the plant is deemed dead, All Seasons will replace plant material.

Lifetime Warranty:

To insure your landscape investment, All Seasons also provides a lifetime warranty on all installed trees, plants and shrubs as long as the client continues a maintenance contact with All Seasons.  The warranty will remain in effect throughout the duration of said contract and timely payments.

Material must be designed, installed and maintained by All Seasons Landscape.  This includes overall seasonal health care, spring cleaning, bed maintenance including weeding and mulching, irrigation maintenance and pruning.  Cancellation of or interruption of All Seasons maintenance program will immediately void the lifetime warranty.

Warranty Terms:

There are a few exclusions for minimum plants that are not as reliable including annuals, perennials, ground cover and sod or seed.  Guarantee does not cover transplanted material or items in planters.  The warranty does not extend to damage from disease or insect damage, vandalism, improper watering and drainage, or salt damage.

All Seasons will have the discretion to provide a replacement of the same material or reasonably similar plant material pending what is available.

Refunds are not given in lieu of warranty replacement.

Any unpaid money due from client will void all warranties.