Creative Landscaping Ideas: Just Add Water

Are you bored with your back yard? Do you need to spice up your outdoor living space, and transform it into more than just grass and a ho-hum fence? We’ve got your solution in three simple words: just add water.

No matter what the form, water elements can do wonders for both your property and state-of-mind. But this is nothing new … in fact, the ancient Greeks considered fountains to be sacred. And those living during Byzantine times saw water as a symbol of health, life and civilization – a crucial element of Paradise.

Today, property owners can enjoy a number of different aquatic design features in their outdoor environment, serving to interrupt visual monotony or update neglected landscapes. Not only do water elements stimulate the senses, they come in a variety of styles and sizes, shapes and functions to meet a wide array of needs (and budgets). Here are some to consider:

Fountain installation indianapolisFountains
Who doesn’t love the beauty of a fountain? Whether it’s positioned in a pond, or all by itself as a tranquil compliment to a deck or patio, fountains can:

  • Increase the value of your home
  • Provide relaxation
  • Serve as a distraction from outside noises, like traffic, neighbors or nearby businesses
  • Circulate water in ponds, decreasing mosquitos and stagnate water odors



bubbling boulder indianapolisBubbling Boulders
Bubbling boulders can be whimsical, comforting and peaceful additions to almost any outdoor setting. They can also:

  • Fit perfectly in tight or awkward spaces
  • Be designed and shaped to compliment small or large areas
  • Make perfect focal points for walkways, patios or decks
  • Require very little maintenance
  • Add natural color and texture to almost any landscape
  • Be installed quickly and easily





For natural beauty and drama, nothing compares to backyard ponds. Besides visual interest, ponds can:

  • Provide educational opportunities for learning about nature and life cycles
  • Create a bountiful habitat for various life forms
  • Accommodate beautiful water plants
  • Provide attractive solutions for soggy areas or rain runoff

waterfall installation IndianapolisWaterfalls can be dramatic additions to any yard or pond, and they can be installed almost anywhere: in the sun or shade; in the back, side or front of your house; and in an existing water element or all alone. Property owners love water falls of all types because they provide mesmerizing sounds, visual stimulation, and can transform outdoor environments into soothing retreats.

In addition, waterfalls installed in existing ponds:

  • Create constant movement and flow, keeping water clear and free of algae
  • Add oxygen to water through aeration, which is necessary for raising fish and growing plants
  • Add design interest to otherwise bland water elements

You might opt for a pondless waterfall if you:

  • Have smaller or limited outdoor space
  • Prefer a water element that requires less maintenance
  • Are looking for an immediate environment transformation
  • Have small children or pets

erosion control indianapolisIn addition to the water elements mentioned above, we can also provide creative solutions for dry creek beds, and help with erosion control for ponds and lakes.

Would you like to find out more about water features for your Indianapolis home or Indianapolis commercial property? We’d love to answer any questions you might have about adding water to your outdoor environment. Just give us a call!