Taking the “Hard” Out of “Hardscape”

While the term hardscape is common in the landscape and garden design industry, many property owners aren’t exactly sure what it means. Some might even joke that, “… hardscaping is anything that turns out to be harder than you expect it to be.”
Actually, when we talk about hardscapes, we are referring to the hard or solid areas in your outdoor space. These hard areas might be made up of materials like pavers, brick, wood, rocks, stone, pea gravel, or concrete. While planters and other containers are considered part of the hardscape, the actual plants inside of them, or in any other part of your yard, are considered to be the softscape.
When it comes to hardscaping, our job at All Seasons Landscape Management is to do the heavy lifting, and let you sit back and enjoy the outcome. And fall is a very good time of year to make improvements or additions to your hardscaping needs. These could include anything from patios, decks and verandas with or without kitchens, fireplaces or firepits, to fountains, pools, ponds and pergolas. The possibilities are literally endless.
Hardscaping has become increasingly popular with Indianapolis homeowners for a number of reasons, including:

  • Improved aesthetics. Even something as simple as a tiled path to your garden can create a brand new look for your home, and provide a fresh, peaceful aesthetic.
  • Reduced maintenance. Adding hardscaping to your yard can serve as a way to cut down on weeding and mowing, decreasing the amount of time and energy you have to spend on lawn care.
  • Increased living space. By adding a new outdoor living area, like a paving stone patio, you can increase your property value, while giving your family an added space to enjoy together.
  • Architectural support. Appropriate hardscaping can not only serve as a means to correct water damage issues, it can also provide architectural support for the design and layout of your yard.

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