January and February Landscape Tips


Avoid salt damage along sidewalks and driveways.  When temperatures above are zero, the use of urea instead of salt will melt ice and not damage turf.

Remove any wind driven leaves or trash.

Seeding turf areas can begin in mid-February provided there is no snow on the ground.

Broadcast seeding is effective at this time of year with no loss to germination potential.


Check the trunks and root collars of trees for rodent damage.  If necessary, use plastic or wire protectors.  While in the dormant period, trees may be pruned provided temperatures are above 32 degrees to avoid additional damage to tissue.  Dormant oils may also be applied provided the temperature will remain above 32 degrees for 24 hours after application.

Evergreens will continue to transpire throughout the year.  A three-inch to six-inch layer of mulch is required over the root zone to prevent desiccation.

Shrubs and Perennials:

Replace or replenish mulch to maintain a 3 to 4 inch layer