3 Quick Resources for Exterior Holiday Decorating Ideas

Outdoor christmas lights ideasIf you haven’t had a chance to start your exterior holiday decorating, Indianapolis will have record highs today, with temperatures reaching 70 degrees. Visit the following resources to get some ideas for your exterior lighting and decorations before the cold weather moves back in to central Indiana.

  • Better Homes and Gardens: Known for their fabulous home pictorials and tips on home decorating and maintenance, Better Homes and Gardens doesn’t disappoint with their tips and ideas for outdoor Christmas decorating. Some included topics include, “Holiday Front Porch Decorating Ideas,” and “Outdoor Holiday Decorating Ideas,” to name a few. To visit the holiday decorating section of their website, click here.
  • Google Images: If you want to browse pictures, rather than do a bunch of reading, Google images displays thousands of photos, gathered from various websites. A quick search of “Exterior Holiday Decorating” yielded pages and pages of results. Adjust your search to see ideas for something more specific, such as “ Holiday Front Porch Decorating” or “Christmas Light Decoration Ideas”. To see a sample search for exterior Holiday decorating, click here.
  • Pinterest: Have you heard of Pinterest? Think of it as a virtual bulletin board, where visitors can collect images from all over the web for various topics or specialty. After signing up for a free account, users can search for holiday decorating ideas and the results will be unlimited. Sign up here and then start your holiday decorating search.

These exterior holiday decorating ideas are brought to you by Indianapolis landscape and outdoor design company, All Seasons Landscape Management.