It’s Fall: Time to Turn On the Lights!

Outdoor Lighting installation IndianapolisAn Indiana Fall is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities, especially in your own backyard. As Indianapolis homeowners increasingly turn their ordinary lawns into functional, outdoor living spaces, the need for attractive and effective lighting becomes that much more important.
Outdoor living spaces, which are usually in the form of kitchens, entertainment areas and fire pits, are all the rage, and being able to enjoy those spaces after dark is a must. We can help you with your outdoor landscape lighting needs while improving visibility, ambiance and safety.
When it comes to improving your outdoor lighting, here are just some of the important elements to consider:
Path Lighting: Path lights not only accentuate walkways, but can also be used on low level foliage or flower beds to add extra dimensions. Color filters are another creative way to emphasize certain hues with foliage or hardscapes, and can be adjusted to compliment changing seasons and temperatures.

Safety: When outdoor living areas are properly illuminated, family members and guests are able to safely enjoy your property at night without fear of falling over obstacles or missing a step.

Usability: Even as the shorter daylight hours are upon us, your parties and outdoor gatherings can go on as long as you want them to when your outdoor areas are properly illuminated.

Boundary Lighting: Illuminating your property line – maybe a line of bushes or trees – with small lighting fixtures can subtly highlight the edges of your lawn and expand your nighttime living space.

Showing Off:  A little mood lighting goes a long way in accentuating special features of your home, like architectural elements, beautiful plants or trees, ponds, fountains and special gathering areas.

There are so many different options to meet your outdoor lighting needs and personal budget. Give Indianapolis based All Seasons a call! We’d love to tell you about them.